Tabbing songs (writing drum tabs) with TabTrax

TabTrax 4.0 provides many useful tools for tab writers to easily and accurately tab songs.

The main tools are described in the mp3 sync description above. Once you have mastered mp3 synchronization of a few songs to an existing drum tab, you will quickly see how the same tools an be used to write your own tabs.

In addition to mp3 sync tools already described, there is a feature on lyric sync which can be used for mapping out the basic bar structure of a song. If you create an empty lyric file for an mp3 song, and use the lyric sync tools described here, you will notice that as you click the add button, a new lyric is created with a number. In the ‘Auto lyric text’ box on the bottom left, you can optionally add text like ‘bar: ‘ so the lyrics ‘bar: 1’, ‘bar 2’ will be created for each click of the add button.

Using auto lyric, you can tap out the start of each bar. Once you have created a lyric file, save and go back to mp3 sync mode. To create an empty drum tab, either press the ‘Ins’ key at the start of the first bar many times or create a repeat bar and unroll. Or copy and paste empty bars.

Set the start point and tempo of the drum track so it matches the bars you have identified in the lyric sync. If your song has time signature changes, you should be able to see them in the bar lyrics.

Once you have a bar structure that mirrors the song, it should be relatively easy to tab the drum notes. The easiest way to add them is with the virtual drum kit.


Also, please see for info about slowing down the song.

When you have created the tab, go to the file menu and select ‘Export Tab’. Please check the format, I haven’t used that feature in a long time and not sure how current it is with current ‘standards’.

And please credit TabTrax in the tab if you upload to a tabs site and let me know, I can refund some of your purchase price for TabTrax. Thanks, Steve.






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