Triplets in TabTrax

The most frequent question I get about TabTrax is how to create triplets. Hopefully this information will make it clear.

To create a triplet, start by creating 3 notes at equally spaced time intervals, for example, 3x 1/16th notes, 3x 1/32nd notes etc.

Note that, there can be more than one ‘note’ at a position, like in this example where there is a crash and a snare at position 1.

Select the 3 notes by dragging the mouse, on the count bar, over the 3 notes.


Now hit the triplet button on the ribbon bar at the top of TabTrax or press the ‘T’ key.

However, if you are adding notes with the virtual drum kit (which is the easiest way), you will notice that when you enter the 3rd note of the group, the triplet button on the drum kit highlights (purple).

You can press the ‘T’ key now or press the triplet button and the 3 notes will become triplets. Also the cursor will be in the correct position to start your next notes if you are making a sextuplet.

Once you create a triplet, you cannot edit the notes inside the group. To do that you must ‘uptripletize’ it. Select the triplet group and press ‘T’ again. Note that this will make the group wider which can be a problem.

In this example, the final snare of the 1st triplet group is now on at the same position as the base drum. You can edit the notes in this position but now it will be difficult to make the triplet group again because the last snare is in another group. To avoid this problem, temporarily move the 2nd triplet group to the right. The easiest way to do that is place the cursor on the 1st note you want to select and do Ctrl+ left mouse to select to end of bar. Then use the right arrow key to move the selected group to the right.

Now select the triplet group and press the ‘T’ button to un-tripletize the notes.

In this position, it is possible to edit the notes.

To make a swing pattern, place a rest in the triplet group. To add a rest, place the insert cursor and press the tab key.

Now you can tripletize the swing group.

The only thing remaining is to move the 2nd triplet group and the notes following back to the ‘&’ . Place the cursor on at ‘a’ and Ctrl+left mouse to select to end of bar and 2 left arrow keys to move to correct position.



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