Pool and Garden

The land is 162 square waa (648 sqm) and is chanoth title, which the only real proof of ownership land title in Thailand.

The pool is a 9.5×4.6m natural pool set in a lush tropical natural setting of rocks, trees and tropical plants. A 3 meter high artificial rock and waterfall at the deep end of the pool provides a fun climbing, jumping and diving area and also serves as the pump room and garden storage shed. A fish pond at the shallow end of the pool leads to a small waterfall and stream.

The entire garden is set in different levels with natural stone walls, grass, trees, fruits and vegetables and tropical flowering plants.

There is parking under the house for car and motorcycles.

The land is surrounded by a 2m high perimeter wall which is entirely covered with bamboo and bougainvillea for a natural look and high security.



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