Sale Details

The property is for sale, freehold or 30+30+30 year lease for 9.9 million baht.

The land is 162 square waa (648 sqm) and is chanoht title, which the only real proof of ownership land title in Thailand. The land is owned by a Thai person (my wife). The land became chanoht over 30 years ago, has a clearly documented history of Thai owners, and is not high on a mountain, national park or some other dubious location.

We are in a very safe location, about 20m above sea level and 800 meters from the sea so there is no chance of tsunami waters reaching the land. We are at the top of a gentle slope, so there is no chance of flooding or landslide. We are on 2 government, concrete roads, and have 3 phase electricity and a water well that has plenty of water all year round.

For more information, please email or call 0896487067.

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